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Supply Chain & Business Development



We help Oil & Gas companies, Chemical companies, and their suppliers or customers, develop their Supply Chain or sales to achieve optimal performance,

save time & money, grow their business and innovate.

  • Organizational review & design

  • Processes audit & optimization

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Category management

  • Supplier performance reviews 

  • Commodity prices monitoring 

  • Index-based contracts

  • Contract monitoring

  • Should cost modeling

  • Sales strategies

  • Channels strategies

  • Pricing strategies

  • NPV Monte Carlo simulations

  • "CPO-as-a-Service" or "Business Development On Demand" programs




We focus primarily on Oil & Gas & Chemicals sales, supply chains, procurement, logistic, trade compliance and current or innovative technologies that can be applied in supply chain, such as AI, RPA, machine learning or block chains, especially Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Over the past 25 years, we  delivered tangible results on hundreds of projects, working with over 1,000 suppliers and customers.


As a result, we helped reduce TCO for all our clients adding millions to their bottom-line or help them grow their business to add millions in new revenue. 



Our clients are mainly Oil & Gas & Chemicals companies, their suppliers and customers, including Exploration & Production, directional drilling, surveying, L/MWD, magnetic ranging, fracking, completion fluids & services, frac sands, specialty polymers & proppants, production testing, compression, diving & cutting and decommissioning. We also help robotic or drone services companies, Artificial Intelligence software companies with Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Computer Vision offerings.

They typically operate all over the world, wherever Oil or Natural Gas are produced or specialty chemicals are needed.

Our clients size range from mid-size, less than $200 million, to over $200 billion in revenue.



We are a team of senior executives, each one of us with over 25 years of passion for taking, merging or maintaining organizations, processes & technologies to their best level of performance.


We all have a truly global operational experience from Oil & Gas or Chemical manufacturing in over 50 countries, and developed strong leadership skills from top management consulting firms, starting companies and spending at least 10 years in Global companies leadership positions.


We have also mastered the art & process of contract negotiations for supply chain and business development to achieve a stronger and/or more sustainable source of competitive advantage.


We have led major change management initiatives such as setting-up Joint Ventures, helping on M&A due diligence and post-M&A companies integrations, and accumulated a deep understanding of IT and ERP systems, such as Oracle and SAP, for companies from $200MM up to $200B in revenues.


We have collectively negotiated over $20 billion in contracts value – or approx. 2,000 contracts over past 20 years -, from basic commodities to highly complex engineered products & services, or financial leases and financial NPV Monte Carlo simulations of targeted acquisitions.


Recently took 16 modules of SAP on HANA live for all operations & functions of a company in 22 countries and are currently investigating, screening & learning with suppliers of disruptive new technologies like AI, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, RPA and block chain, to discover how we could apply such new technologies to the Oil & Gas or Chemical sectors.


We all have Masters of Science in Chemicals & Polymers Manufacturing or Oil & Gas

and/or MBA in General Management & Finance from top US or International universities.

Email us at, or call/text us at (713) 419-1408



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