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Value Capture Collaboration

Deployed our Value Capture 360 SaaS solution to a small supply chain team and a targeted group of suppliers. The goal was to achieve a sustainable and marked-to-market category management solution, monitor specific commodities prices and labor rates driving suppliers cost, and collaborate with suppliers to create a fair should cost model. The result was stunning: a fair 3-year index-based contract stabilizing cost, sustained quarterly performance reviews to proactively plan demand, sustained quality and shorter deliveries.


Net, net: all category management content in one user-friendly & secure location, SCD 360, which guarantees sustainability of content & performance over time and organizational changes, and created a trustworthy & collaborative relationship with suppliers.

Advanced Negotiations

One project involved a supplier acquisition, where we analyzed target suppliers spend and identified potential volume leverage, then followed a strategic sourcing process to re-negotiate better prices. Also created a Monte Carlo simulation of acquisition NPV based on target supplier financial statements and supply chain synergy values.

Another project involved reviewing part drawings and specifications with qualified fabrication shops, discussing the "need" for specialty alloys vs. lower cost alloys, argued the "need" for such tight tolerances and easing them to reduce fabrication time and even discussing some re-design options, since suppliers often know more about their business than a client will ever know.

Business Development  Innovation 

Brought together engineers, product line management, manufacturing and procurement teams to work with a supplier of high discharge Lithium batteries, to review all parts drawings and specifications. Our goal was to make them safer, more capable to sustain higher vibration, match specifications with necessary - not nice to have - actual job temperatures and lower total cost. The result was a series of break-through: over 40% lower cost, re-alignment of battery pack temperature with actual job temperature needs, re-designed of battery pack endings and stronger resistance of overall pack to higher vibrations and stick slips.


Net, net: reduction of NPT due to such battery packs and longer MTBFs.

AI and Machine Learning Innovation

Currently working with two clients who are investigating AI/Machine Learning to help manage and optimize reservoir production and deploy Ethereum-based block chain to use smart contracts for international logistics. While these new & disruptive technologies have not resulted yet in mature applications, they will unequivocally grow and change the world of supply chain & sales. So we are trying to help by learning how to create Ethereum-based smart contracts, AI/Machine Learning, Computer vision, so we do the home work for you.


There is a lot of confusion, scams & lack of regulation in these spaces, but if you are curious and interested by a pilot project for your supply chain or sales, let's connect and discuss new ideas.

Email us at, or call/text us at (713) 419-1408

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