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Old School Inspection Services companies are evolving with drones and AI Solutions!

Nowadays, it is all about Energy Transition! And old school inspection services companies with over 20 years of expertise and experience in Energy Star compliance, Accessibility Inspections or 45L Tax Credit are enhancing their offering with cutting-edge drones and Artificial Intelligence. Simply brilliant in my opinion.

One of these companies I stumbled on recently is ThermalCam USA LLC in Midland, TX ("TCUSA"). Building on a solid foundation of inspection services over past 20 years, TCUSA is now using DJI drones and AI software solutions to detect methane leaks, site hazards in difficult to reach areas and defective parts on Oil & Gas sites, solar and wind farms and many other types of construction projects, right of ways violation, natural disaster areas, old infrastructures, etc...

Honestly, these guys are onto something brilliant that very few companies can offer = combining 3 layers of offerings tailored to customer needs and budget:

1/ Basic brick & mortar inspection services and code compliance.

2/ Optional services using drone for enhanced inspections.

3/ Optional AI data management and processing for defective parts localization.

And all of it leveraging the same teams to achieve cost savings synergies! Can't beat that!

Any company in needs of extensive inspections should check-out TC USA. A solid team with expertise and experience. Go to to learn more about it.

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