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Let's cut the crap... but block chain will change our world of supply chain...

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

A few days ago, I learned how to create an Ethereum-based block chain program for a simple escrow transaction between two parties, compiled it and tested it on a Java Virtual Machine console with half a dozen participants...! Call me a nerd, that's ok, I went to MIT, so I can take it, even at my age.

The main learning for me was stunning: this block chain technology is simply brilliant, and whether you like it, or not, it will change the way we manage our supply chains & logistics... And "change" is probably an understatement.

Granted! Lots of confusion right now with all these "cryptos" and "scams"... Lack of regulations and a mind-numbing lack of liquidity... but ask yourself a simple question: why are investment banks like Goldman Sachs floating the idea to create their own block chain and crypto currency? Are they known to be late adopter and not known to be a company who knows how to make a profit...

As always, early adopters will rip the competitive benefit of block chain technologies, then everyone else will want to get on board, at a huge premium...!

To block chain, or to block your supply chain. That is the question...

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